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    All The Dead Are Here - Pete Bevan's zombie tales collection

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    April 7, 2015  Announcements   

    Hello zombie slayers,

    So we’re aware that the site has lain fallow for quite some time. Neither Ryan nor Pete have the time available to edit and review submissions. That being said, we’d like to put out the call to interested parties who might want to assume the mantle.

    We can’t really pay anything (our ad revenue doesn’t even cover the cost of hosting the site), but you’d have the eternal gratitude of our readership.

    Interested? Shoot us an email at west@talesofworldwarz.com and we’ll talk.


    Ryan West

    CLEANERS by John Loeffler
    November 19, 2014  Short stories   

    Chester grabbed the feet of the first body in the pile while Will grabbed it just under the armpit. Chester had on a pair of HazMat gloves, reaching up above his brown elbow. Will was an older white man, in his forties with a gray and brown beard that covered most of his neck. The man was twice as broad as Chester, easily. (more…)

    November 9, 2014  Longer stories   

    Hetch was sometimes a pain in the ass, but he was one of the living, and one who wasn’t hell bent on feeding me to his dead wife, or raping a pretty biter, or blinded by an overzealous preacher-man. He was normal, for what that was worth. Normal was relative in the old world. It was unheard of in the dead one.

    We’re all just a little messed up in some way or other. We’ve all seen things…done things… (more…)

    47 DAYS IN THE MURDER HOLE by Kevin Fortune
    October 22, 2014  Longer stories,Short stories   Tags: ,   

    Betrayal, revenge and murder; lovely meaty sounding terms, eh? They’re such thrilling, blood dripping and juicy words that I’ve always loved, but only in fiction of course. I mean… I never thought, not for one second, that I’d ever become the central character in such a terrible story myself, but I have. And that’s the thought that runs through my mind as I move sneakily up behind Tommy O’Brien to push him over the edge of this high sea cliff. (more…)

    DOWNHILL by JH Mae
    October 2, 2014  Short stories   

    Jack hadn’t eaten in two years. There was no point – his digestive system no longer worked properly. Even so, this afternoon his stomach was churning.

    Or he imagined it. The mind is a funny thing.

    Is this what nausea feels like? he asked himself, rattling his leg up and down to shake out the nerves; his knee cracked musically. Drawn by curiosity, his waiting room companion – there was only room for two – regarded Jack from the corner of his eye then quickly turned away.

    Jack knew the man was afraid. (more…)

    September 17, 2014  Longer stories   Tags:   


    “Are you just going to leave them there?”

    I looked at Hetch. “Close the door, why don’t you?”

    My arms and legs shook. My clothes were soaked in gore and dried vomit. (more…)

    REAWAKENINGS by Robb Walker
    September 9, 2014  Short stories   

    “Now, what kind of ceremony did you have in mind? Did you want a traditional burial or a reawakening?”

    The two women, mother and daughter, exchanged a look. “We’re very traditional people,” the mother, Elizabeth Reed, said. “I think we’ll just go with a burial.”

    I nodded. “I understand,” I said, keeping my voice soft and even, trying not to show how desperately I needed this to work out. The rising of the dead had not been easy on my business. After the cemeteries had opened, sending the dead staggering out onto our grounds and destroying the property, most of the family had left. Once, we’d been Walters, Gambol, and Sons. Now, it was just me, Rebecca Gambol, not even one of the sons. It figured. (more…)

    TIL DEATH by Lynda Marie Vanderhoff
    August 28, 2014  Short stories   

    Their wedding picture, spattered with her blood, kept him company when he couldn’t bear to look at her. The plague now confined him to his home, and one look out the window showed him a staggering, shifting army of half-rotted people, their once pristine clothing now tattered and dust stained. (more…)

    MEMORIAM by Jheri Potts
    August 18, 2014  Short stories   

    She sits by a lake, a massive body of water so cold that just thinking about it should have made her shiver in the morning light. But her legs are splayed out in front of her carelessly, and her arms lay unfeeling and cold on the dying grass that bristles on the sloping banks.

    The girl tries sorting through her web of tangled thoughts, but gets snared despite being the spider. She tilts her gaunt face back to stare at the sky, so clear it seems to be deliberately mocking her. So many tears have already been shed that nothing will come; only the vaguest feeling of loss permeates her chest and travels slowly to her jumbled thoughts like a storm cloud over a playground. (more…)

    August 7, 2014  Longer stories   Tags: ,   

    The trailer wasn’t safe. It didn’t take long to figure that out. I could tear the steps away from the front door, and take down the patio deck, sure. But there was the issue of the patio doors, two sliding pieces of glass with just a thin aluminum frame holding them on their tracks and a small lock to keep them closed. It wouldn’t take much to bust in that way. The ramp leading up to the patio wasn’t a good deterrent either. A handful of the dead could push it in, break the trim-like frame and possibly crawl in. (more…)

    BOYS IN TIMES OF WAR by Justin Dunne
    July 29, 2014  Short stories   Tags:   

    At about what age do young boys stop fighting over whether or not their pretend bullets merely maimed or killed their friend?

    “You can’t shoot me. I already shot you!”

    “No! You only shot me in this arm, so I shot you with my other hand!” Are they just playing together one day when one of them finally realizes it doesn’t make sense to argue about it? (more…)

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