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ZOMBIE FISHING TRIP by Brian Rosenberger
November 20, 2007  Poetry   Tags: ,   

No bites in the morningsave for bugs

drowning in ocular fluid

rubbing and rubbing

out plopped his eye

No bites in the afternoon

just a smell similar to raw fish

putting a stink in the air

a skunk would have been perfume

The water as quiet as a vacant casket

Just around midnight

a nibble

the remaining eye focused

on the rod tip

the line goes slack

slowly he reels

crank after agonizing crank

the hook empty

save for moss

the color of his smile

Barbs sink into soft flesh

a lily pad hue

He accidentally cast his thumb

slowly bobbing like a hitchhiker

needing a ride, before sinking from view

Another nibble transformed into a strike

The catfish cartwheels in the water

whiskers twitching like an exposed nerve

The line snaps

His forehead squirms in anger

No need to worry

still plenty of worms



Bio: Brian Rosenberger was last seen in the company of Sushi, a featured dancer at Innsmouth’s infamous Thrills and Gills Gentleman’s Club. Prior to that, his writings appeared or will be appearing in Cthulhu Sex Magazine, Erotic Tales V. 2, Blackest Death V. 3, Twisted Cat Tales and more. He also authored the chapbook Poems that Go SPLAT. Updates concerning his current
whereabouts can be found at http://home.earthlink.net/~brosenberger

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