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SMOOTH WORDS By Justin Dunne
May 27, 2013  Short stories   

Mah…mah….mah…Misty dog must be gone too.  Daddy said that as long as Misty was in the backyard I wah wouldn’t have to worry about any scary monsters. One time, yesterday when I was little, I thought I saw a mah mah monster with scary teeth hiding near my pillow but but but daddy said no because Misty wouldn’t let any mah monsters in the house.  Daddy said I should be bah big and brave just like bah bah batman. 

I saw mah mah Molly’s mum.  She looked all sick and sad. She had eyes like bish the fish and I tried to be bah bah big and brave but but but I couldn’t. Daddy looked angry because I was crying but but but he said we should practice our smiling quietly.  He sah said we should play a hiding game from mah Molly’s mum and mah maybe should would think it was funny.

Mah mah Misty has gone with Muuuuumy.  Daddy said they are in a buh better place now and Misty dog won’t let any more mah mah monsters get Mummy.  Daddy is sad so I show him how big I can smile.  Daddy says when I smile I look like Muuuumy.  He says I am buh buh beautiful and hugs me a big one.

I saw Molly, Daddy tried to cover my eyes but but but I saw her. She was all dirty and her leg was all hurted. Mah mah Molly was at my school. Daddy said it was ok to hold hands with, with …..with her but I wouldn’t get girl germs. Daddy said but now she is very sick and we have to say good good, goodbye.

I’m a bit sad now buh because I want to do my my…..my smooth words with muuuumy.  Daddy says it’s ok to be, to be a bit bumpy but I want to do my smooth words with mummy.  If I do a lots of smooth words I get, I get to have a treat. I like lollypops. Coke ones.  Daddy says I can’t have real coke buh because it is too spicy but but but if I behave I can have a coke lollypop.

I don’t want to leave without Banilla teddy.  Daddy says he is the colour of ice cream. Banilla slice all cuddly and nice.  Muuuuumy said if I get all alone I can talk to Banilla. Mummy was so tah tired.  She was a bit sick and really, really hot. Mummy said I had to let her sleep for the longest time. I gave her a kiss on the nose and a cuddle for head, just like before bed.

I don’t like it when Daddy cries.  He has an ugly face when he cries.  He says I am buh beautiful and gives me lotsa cuddles.  We have to leave but because we do. Mummy might wake up soon and be a lot grumpy.  She is a lot sick now and we have to get her some, some medicine.

Daddy says I have to be in my buh buh batman costume. He says I need to be big and brave. Sometimes he is a bit silly. Sometimes he gives me hurted cuddles and smiles and cries.  I want him to mah make mummy a coffee.

We are going to Poppy from the bushes huh huh house. He lives the longest time away but but but he was an army man and he has medicine and he did marry a new lady. Daddy said she is a hore, a hore a horticulturist what can grow strawberries.  When muuuumy feels better she will come eat the biggest strawberries too, but but but I have to be on my best behaviours.

Daddy has a new car but I wanted a red one.  But but but because I’m a big boy now I can sit in the front.  Daddy’s smile is broken.  He turns his music up so loud, he doesn’t like the noise it muh makes when we go bump bump on the bad guys. Our car gets all messy like eating spaghetti and Daddy does some small bomits.  Yesterday the last time Daddy had a messy car his boss was very mad and I’m not supposed to eat ice cream anymore but but Daddy said he doesn’t give a shit and I smiled because Daddy said shit.  Daddy likes it when I smile a big one.

We drive for the longest time till it is dark.  Dad said he doesn’t want the lights on buh buh because the bad guys who are making everyone sick might see us. I’m a big boy but Daddy said it’s ok to do a wee in my pants and he won’t even get angry.  He says if I do a shit it will make the car smell much better and I laughed this buh buh big.

Daddy got so angry at the car buh buh because God didn’t put enough fuel in the car to get to Poppy’s house. Dad said God could eat a dick and he smacked the wheel twelveteen times.  I was a bit scared even though I was buh big and brave.  Mummy tells dad not to get angry at the car…… I wish mum was here because I miss her.

Stealth means you have to be quiet like a mah mah mouse.  Daddy said Batman is stealth all the time when he is hiding from the bad guys.  I tell Dad I am Bruce Wayne but but if I’m a good boy and do stealth in the car Daddy will bring me a juice when he has finished putting puh puh petrol in.  We make a good deal.

Daddy forgoted my juice buh buh……buh buh……because he hurted his arm.    He says I need to sleep now and he is suh suh sorry.  Because Daddy is crying I am crying but but but he says nothing bad will happen and if I fall asleep I will get to have two strawberries when we get to Poppy’s house.

Daddy cries for the longest time before I fall asleep for real.

Poppy from the bush was so happy to see us.  His cuddles hurted me but only a little.  He has a funny nose from where the doctors cut bit, bits out.  He had boogies come from his strawberry nose when he saw daddy’s sore arm.  He cried so much and gave me and Dad so many cuddles till I didn’t want to cuddle anymore.

Dad gave me a kiss on the nose and a cuddle for my head.  He said I needed to be like superman and batman together.  I cried because I didn’t want to be, to be like batman anymore and buh buh because I didn’t want him to go but but but Poppy had given him some special strawberries and he had to go give them to Mummy…..and mah Misty dog too.

Daddy sniffed my head and I practiced for him my big smile.

Poppy said Daddy is with Mummy and Misty dog now.

I hope we see them all soon buh buh because I miss them.

Poppy squeezes me and says he he he hopes he doesn’t.


  1. Excellent story. The ones from a child perspective always choke me up a bit. Nicely done.

    Comment by Terry on May 27, 2013 @ 1:25 pm

  2. This was absolutely beautiful, and as a parent myself, I found it deeply moving. Excellent story, Justin. It’d be interesting to have sequels to this. What would happen to a child as she or he grows up in that sort of world?

    Comment by Craig Y on May 27, 2013 @ 3:24 pm

  3. Very good. I like how you can describe what the father is feeling through the childs words.

    Comment by JamesAbel on May 27, 2013 @ 6:21 pm

  4. Yup, put a kid into the story and i have a hard time. Parenthood! Anyways good story. I enjoyed reading your work.

    Comment by Gunldesnapper on May 28, 2013 @ 6:46 am

  5. Choked on a few tears to this one. Worried for the kid. Very nice.

    Comment by scarm on May 28, 2013 @ 1:51 pm

  6. I was kind of expecting a twist, that the child in the story is only a child in mind but not in body, ex. a 35 year old man with a five year old’s body.
    But even if the twist never came, it’s still a poignant story.

    Comment by bong on May 29, 2013 @ 5:48 pm

  7. Hi Guys – thanks for reading and commenting. I honestly never know if my stories are going to be accepted much less how they will be recieved. It’s nice to get good feedback.
    @Craig Y – Sequels will have to wait. This for me was more a memoir based on my boys written in a zombie format. We’ll have to wait for them to grow up before I can base more stories on them as growndups.
    @bong – perhaps the twist was that there was no twist?? 🙂

    Comment by Justin Dunne on May 30, 2013 @ 2:03 am

  8. Intensely cute, sad. Well done.

    Comment by JohnT on August 10, 2013 @ 6:31 am

  9. Aww, that must have been traumatizing.

    Comment by SciFiFan96 on September 2, 2013 @ 2:45 am

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