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    October 5, 2010  Short stories   

    “Over sixty years after the Romero Revolution, and some of you still want to split hairs about the definition of life?  We’re way past that, ladies and gentlemen.”  Roscoe was thankful for the microphone on the podium in front of him.  He was plenty pissed off, full of that righteous anger that had gotten him elected in the first place, but he knew that, at his age, if he started yelling, his vocal cords would just shred, tear loose, and slide down his throat.

    He paused before speaking again, his eyes sweeping the room.  Unbidden, an image of the shop down in his basement came to mind.  He quickly cast it away, steeling himself against the loss of focus.  The speech was going very well.  He could tell; he could feel it.  He had them.  “I think some of you might even want to go outside and wave those signs and shamble back and forth like idiots.  I’ll tell you what: you’ll never see the great senator James P. Roscoe holding one of those ‘Humans Are People Too’ signs.  That’s just ridiculous.  Humans are food.  And except for that rare, viable two percent that have the potential to become people, that’s all they’ll ever be.” (more…)