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CAROUSEL by Brian Rosenberger
December 14, 2007  Poetry   Tags: , ,   

He paints them with his gun
colors of red and bone
like bursting balloons
the “Bang” is the same (more…)

THE PALISADE by Joseph Hunkeler
September 19, 2007  Short stories   Tags: ,   

I often think back to when everything was so complex, and I don’t know whether I should burst into tears, or smile solely because I managed to live through the war. When Zack started showing up in Maryland after the refugees made their way into the States, from Africa and China, I knew we were fucked from the beginning. I remember sitting around the tube watching CNN with Paul, my best friend, and this was when the outbreak was still west of the Rockies. Still focusing on the television he blankly muttered out, “Militia. We have to join a militia, it’s the only way we beat this thing.” (more…)

THE DRIVERS by Clitoris Rex
September 6, 2007  Humorous,Short stories   Tags: ,   

You’d never believe it, but the true badasses, the real fucking heroes of this entire thing were not the soldiers (‘we are SO ready for the last war’), the police, the government, the “human spirit” or even Zack. No. The real fucking heroes are the pizza delivery guys. I shit you not. (more…)

DEATH BED by Tom Hamilton
July 13, 2007  Short stories   Tags: ,   

…but they pulled the rifle away from me, twelve hands, sixty fingers on the long barrel. It went off and one of the grey faces
exploded like a kicked, albino pumpkin. Now that the weapon was gone I could only try and re-close the door. (more…)

UNTITLED PART 2 by Clitoris Rex
  Short stories   Tags: , ,   

I came to in a muddy stupor. Screaming, fucking screaming was my alarm clock, on the hood of my car, someone was being devoured. How I was still alive I had no idea, the G was picking Prick up and slamming him down on the hood by his ribs, I shook my head as clear as I could and grinned as the first thing I saw was the G’s greasy fingers dug completely into Prick’s ribs, to the first knuckle. His head cracked the windshield. He was still alive. (more…)

UNTITLED by Clitoris Rex
March 19, 2007  Short stories   Tags: , , ,   

–It was never clear where or how these patrons ended up going. The “how” was eventually taken care of first by a busboy, then a cop, then a coroner, then a bunch of people in green scrubs saying, “what the fuck?” quickly before they had their throats ripped out. (more…)

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