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  • Doc { Great read, hope there's more soon. } – Jan 02, 6:51 AM
  • J_Mo { This is the scariest story I've read here on talesworldwarz.com. this guy is way worse than the undead. Thank you... } – Dec 23, 11:18 AM
  • Justin Dunne { You had me at Kevin Fortune. } – Dec 22, 4:56 AM
  • Kristen { Wow. This is twisted and wonderful. Thanks for sharing. } – Dec 21, 7:51 PM
  • Martin { It,s too bad we can,t rate these stories like some other sites. Wow! What a great tale so far! 5... } – Dec 20, 1:20 AM

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    STATUES by J. Michael
    July 7, 2008  Poetry   Tags: ,   

    We first played this game as children
    some three thousand miles south of here,
    clattering out of screen porches
    and down back steps onto cushioning grass.
    Here my thick boots snap the snow like bone.
    , somebody would yell, and we’d halt,
    our traitorous hearts still pounding their drums.
    There is no pulse on the tundra but mine.


    WHEN THE FIRST HAND CUPPED IN by Kristine Ong Muslim
    January 7, 2008  Poetry   Tags: ,   

    Daylight was the first to flicker.
    The air was subsequently thinned;
    we gasped–each breath more
    labored than the one before it. (more…)

    CAROUSEL by Brian Rosenberger
    December 14, 2007  Poetry   Tags: , ,   

    He paints them with his gun
    colors of red and bone
    like bursting balloons
    the “Bang” is the same (more…)

    ZOMBIE FISHING TRIP by Brian Rosenberger
    November 20, 2007  Poetry   Tags: ,   

    No bites in the morningsave for bugs

    drowning in ocular fluid

    rubbing and rubbing

    out plopped his eye (more…)

    VIRAL SYSTEM by William Blake Vogel III
    October 17, 2007  Poetry   Tags: ,   

    Virulent progression,
    Procession to rot;
    Hungry and undead
    Killing what’s not (more…)

    GRANDMOTHER SAYS by J. Michael
    August 23, 2007  Poetry   Tags: ,   

    Grandmother says
    they used to bury them.
    Whole gardens of them, marked with stones,
    pretty trees trimmed into shapes
    and little pots for flowers. (more…)

    THE VETERAN by J. Michael
      Poetry   Tags: , ,   

    Against a barricade of damp sand
    in sacks, we’ve been waiting,
    ears tuned to the shuffle of soles. (more…)

    THE LAST OF THE LIVING by Ramona Thompson
    August 21, 2007  Poetry   Tags:   

    I am alive inside
    This Hell on earth
    For how much longer I do not know (more…)

    HEADSPACE by William Blake Vogel III
    June 29, 2007  Poetry   Tags: ,   

    Hungry is the empty flesh,
    Ravenous as the Angel Death;
    So rot the pestilence

    Grey tissue, vacant eyes:
    Soulless angst rages
    In this murder meat device

    Gnawing, biting teeth
    That kill and eat;
    Carrion screams forever bleed.

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