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  • Doc { Great read, hope there's more soon. } – Jan 02, 6:51 AM
  • J_Mo { This is the scariest story I've read here on talesworldwarz.com. this guy is way worse than the undead. Thank you... } – Dec 23, 11:18 AM
  • Justin Dunne { You had me at Kevin Fortune. } – Dec 22, 4:56 AM
  • Kristen { Wow. This is twisted and wonderful. Thanks for sharing. } – Dec 21, 7:51 PM
  • Martin { It,s too bad we can,t rate these stories like some other sites. Wow! What a great tale so far! 5... } – Dec 20, 1:20 AM

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    MARKER 2 by Ryan L. Gordon
    May 26, 2009  Short stories   Tags:   

    Shhhh.” Wes whispered to John. “Get down. Do it slowly.”

    What!?” John whisper-asked.

    Shut up!” Wes whisper-answered, never taking his eyes off whatever had gotten his attention out beyond the camp, out past the marker five feet in front of him, out into the seemingly endless black of open ground. He cocked his head slightly to the right, trying for a better listen. (more…)

    MARKER by Ryan L Gordon
    January 9, 2009  Short stories   Tags:   


    “He’s at it again. Jesus.”


    “John, leave it alone, will ya?”


    “They don’t know what that means. That’s a scare tactic that’s been used forever, man. These things don’t get scared. They can’t get scared.” (more…)