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THE LAST OF THE LIVING by Ramona Thompson
August 21, 2007  Poetry   Tags:   

I am alive inside
This Hell on earth
For how much longer I do not know

I know only this
I must warn you
So if there’s anyone else out there
Not yet taken over
Because our worse nightmare has come true
And they are on their way

Very dead and very very hungry

The dead have risen to destroy

The last of the living

We tried to stop it

But the infection just kept spreading

So fast

Too fast

Out of our control before we could do anything

Turning us against one another

Even as we tried to work together

The madness took us over

Leaving with us with horrible inhuman cravings

Cravings I shudder to speak of

Even now as I sit here writing this

I find the hunger almost too great to ignore

Please someone out there must hear this

Before the dead devour

The last of the living

My sanity is slipping away

As the minutes tick by

So does the last of my humanity

Nothing I can do I know

But to try and save the rest of you

From my awful fate and that of my men as well

Pray that through this warning I issue

That at least some if not all will escape

The hell of this wicked night

When a man fights a losing battle

Against the grave

The clock is ticking

Begging for mercy

For the last of the living

How will it all end?

How did it all began?

Will we ever really know?

As I prepare my breath my last human breath

I understand that

I shall never have these answers

For no matter what I do

I can not deny

My fate was sealed

From the very moment I was bitten

If I have to die this way

Than it will be by my own hand

As a human man

Not as one of them

One of the unholy many that has died and been born again to walk this earth never ending

So now I bid you farewell and good luck

To whomever may read these words

Watch your backs

For you could well be……

The last of the living
2007 Ramona Thompson


Ramona Thompson has been writing for over 20 years.

Her past publishing credits include appearances in such high profile ezine
as Justus Roux Erotic Tales and The Sensual Venus website for women amoug
many others.

Her most recent and upcoming published appearances include poetry in Erotic Tales 2, Chaotic Dreams, Bareback Magazine, Night To Dawn and Twisted Tongue Magazine.

Ramona has also interviewed many up and coming talents including erotic author Justus Roux, metal band Boiler, ex Power Ranger actor Matt Austin and any more.

In her spare time Ramona enjoys singing and watching horror films.

Readers and fans are always welcome to write to her with their comments at tmcphrsn@aol.com or on her myspace page.

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