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ZPA by Mike Berger
March 27, 2012  Humorous,Poetry   Tags:   

The outrage was immediate and intense.
There were riots in the streets.
Lower courts had ruled that zombies
had no civil rights. They had rights when
they were alive, but those rights were lost
when they died. (more…)

THE LIES PARENTS TELL by Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert
November 2, 2011  Poetry   Tags:   

She’d always said, “monsters aren’t real”
to comfort me when I called in the night.
She’d say,

“Ghosts don’t exist” and she’d
tweak my nose and chuckle and
call me Casper. (more…)

A BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR A WALK by Angela Bellegrave
October 31, 2011  Poetry   Tags:   

We saw them walking
hand in hand- the one, slightly
in front of the other.

We watched them walking,
just outside our garden gate,
past the old Winthrop house,
where Pine and Filbert

intersect. We felt
the crimson tracer tag
our retina’s. Mark
us Barska red for –

Stop, Miss Alba …please… (more…)

YOU ARE HORROR AND LIGHT by John Philip Johnson
October 29, 2011  Poetry   Tags:   

Before you wanted to kill us all the time

things were better, back when we were like siblings,

you, the normal older brother, with a soft spot

for us, your retarded kin. Except even then

you couldn’t hide your distaste for us. (more…)

AFTER THE STORM by Rhonda Parrish
October 20, 2010  Poetry   Tags:   

The snow glistened white, pure and sweet

the wind had blown, thawing the top layer

that it might freeze again, a thin crust

like sugar on creme brulee. (more…)

  Poetry   Tags:   

Hey there Mister, are you alright?

I heard you screamin’ in your sleep last night.

‘Round three past thirty after three.

What was it you said in last night’s keep?

“I’m going to the slaughter along with the sheep,

a wolf wrapped in wool has just as much meat.”

August 10, 2010  Poetry   Tags:   

She rises early to scrub her flesh in brimstone

and ashes, waxes her board to surf the waves

of undead coming through the gate, their shoulders

bent at just the right angles. Her skin glows sulfur, (more…)

QUARTERS by William D. Tripp
May 20, 2010  Poetry   Tags:   

We move together in mass
Like preteen girls at a concert

held at the mall, the day before
the outbreak Now that music

with no elevator, is drowned out
by the masses, whose feet (more…)

THE END by Eileen Neary
March 22, 2010  Poetry   Tags:   

Broken urban desert, stale, parched
Dusted and frosted with collapsing automobiles
Skeletal juices crunch and ooze underfoot
All is dead (more…)

ZOMBIE HAIKU by Joshua Gage
December 9, 2009  Poetry   Tags:   

calliope whine
the clown’s greasepaint
smeared with blood

QUARANTINE by J. Michael
July 8, 2008  Poetry   Tags: ,   

She knows the taste of nails,
a clutch of them in her mouth
like a dressmaker’s pins.
The flavor of iron is comforting,
something she can wield. (more…)

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