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SOMALIA by Brian Rosenberger
March 23, 2009  Poetry   Tags:   

This is Somalia, land of tradition

A cock crows
beginning the fast
from dawn to dusk
sins burned away
the living pray. (more…)

WINTER by Brian Rosenberger
November 11, 2008  Poetry   Tags:   

They say Winter doesn’t forgive

Gospel, true as the grave is cold

But it does forget

Eyes snow blind with hope, believing

The lies told with frozen breath

A blizzard of desperation (more…)

CAROUSEL by Brian Rosenberger
December 14, 2007  Poetry   Tags: , ,   

He paints them with his gun
colors of red and bone
like bursting balloons
the “Bang” is the same (more…)

EARTH A.Z. (AFTER ZOMBIE) by Brian Rosenberger
November 30, 2007  Poetry   Tags:   

Come forth
thundered heaven
the summons heard
they did

what better way
to plague man
than with man
neither locust nor flies
nor darkness would
suffice this go round (more…)

ZOMBIE FISHING TRIP by Brian Rosenberger
November 20, 2007  Poetry   Tags: ,   

No bites in the morningsave for bugs

drowning in ocular fluid

rubbing and rubbing

out plopped his eye (more…)