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BOYS IN TIMES OF WAR by Justin Dunne
July 29, 2014  Short stories   Tags:   

At about what age do young boys stop fighting over whether or not their pretend bullets merely maimed or killed their friend?

“You can’t shoot me. I already shot you!”

“No! You only shot me in this arm, so I shot you with my other hand!” Are they just playing together one day when one of them finally realizes it doesn’t make sense to argue about it? (more…)

DIG TO RISE By Justin Dunne
September 21, 2013  Short stories   

Often, more than not, he is in two places at the one time.


This place, now, he is known as Mad Dog. (more…)

SMOOTH WORDS By Justin Dunne
May 27, 2013  Short stories   

Mah…mah….mah…Misty dog must be gone too.  Daddy said that as long as Misty was in the backyard I wah wouldn’t have to worry about any scary monsters. One time, yesterday when I was little, I thought I saw a mah mah monster with scary teeth hiding near my pillow but but but daddy said no because Misty wouldn’t let any mah monsters in the house.  Daddy said I should be bah big and brave just like bah bah batman.  (more…)

March 2, 2013  Short stories   

Already I miss him. Every passing moment of time is painful. I miss him. I loved him like a brother.  In my life I spent more time with him then I did anybody else.  He knew everything about me and I knew everything about him.

… (more…)

A NEW BOOK from one of our own
July 15, 2015  Announcements   

Long-time contributor Justin Dunne has just published a collection of zombie fiction entitled TALES OF THE NOTHING MAN. You can pick it up on Kindle today.

Congratulations Justin! Lead them to victory.

-ed. Ryan